L'OP Asso-Olivo Soc. Coop a.r.l. it is an organization of manufacturing Sicilian olivicoli, that gathers today over 5.000 agricultural firms.

It develops his activity thanks to special conventions with Agea and with the Region Sicily as expectation from the normative national and community.

OP Asso-olivo  it produces, it selects, it bottles and it commercializes with really mark, the oil extra-virgin of olive IGP SICILY and 100% Italian, of his own associates. For a long time the finality prince of the OP Asso-olivo it is that to sustain, to promote and to valorize the olive cultivation, to raise its qualitative standards, to favor the introduction of innovative techniques in the fittings olive-growing of his own associates and in the whole productive cycle.


To guarantee the transparency, the effectiveness and the professionalism on the activity turns, the OP Asso-Olivo Soc. Coop a.r.l., it makes disposition of the agricultural firms, half technicians and very qualified available.



OP Asso-Olivo Soc. Coop a.r.l.

Via F.sco Laurana n. 73
90143 PALERMO (PA)

Tel: +39 347437 Fax: +39 091308485

Internet: www.assolivo.eu - Mail: asso.olivo@gmail.com