Since April of 2015 with goes him into effect of the Reggs. UE 611 And 615 Of the 2014 of the Committee, bringing formalities of application of the Rule (UE) of the European Parliament and the Suggestion n. 1308/2013 related to programs of activity of the organizations of operators of the olive sector l’OP Asso-Olivo Soc. Coop. has improved in collaboration with his own technicians, on the in partnership firms, new techniques of improvement of the environmental impact, improvement of the quality of the oil of olive and the cafeteria olives and tracing of the virgin extra oil of olive Sicilian.

The European union has the in this recognized opportunity the fundamental role of the Organizations of the Manufacturing Olivicolis, of their Unions for the growth of the sector, pursues through the realization of programs of activity of improvement.

L’OP Asso-Olivo Soc. Coop., for through of his own National Union of reference, he has been worth therefore of the possibility to ask for the European financings, really to develop to the best those activities that from statute they belong to the fundamental objectives of the Cooperative, I shared by all the olivicoltoris that make part of it.

The Program of activity, introduced by the AIPO UN SCARL ( )  and approved by AGEA and by the Regions, they have as objective that to improve the conditions of transparency of the oleicolo-oil market, analyzing and developing particularly the themes of the lack of a commercial qualification and the improvement of the environmental sustainability to reach the operational intents of:

  • Analysis of the market from the point of view of the consumer
  • Reducing environmental impact
  • Improvement of the techniques of cultivation of the ulivetis
  • Improvement of the techniques of transformation and storage of the oil
  • Improvement of the hygienic-sanitary characteristics of the oil
  • Promotion of the systems of guarantee of the quality of the product


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